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Imagine living in a luxurious waterfront eco-district, designed with sustainability and eco-friendly construction, where renowned architects have seamlessly blended man-made spaces with natural settings. Welcome to Mareterra Monaco, an exclusive residential development in the heart of the Principality of Monaco, featuring stunning apartments. In this blog post, we’ll take you on a journey through Mareterra’s unique living spaces, commitment to nature and sustainability, and the unparalleled benefits of Monaco residency.

Key Takeaways

  • Mareterra Monaco is a luxurious waterfront eco-district combining sea and land, preserving the environment through sustainable building practices.
  • Mareterra offers exclusive living spaces with modern amenities ranging from apartments to villas for an opulent lifestyle.
  • Residents enjoy benefits of Monaco residency such as no taxes, secure environment, political stability and ideal location.

Mareterra Monaco: A Luxurious Waterfront Eco-District

Nestled in the core of the Principality’s future growth, Mareterra Monaco, also known as Portier Cove Monaco Apartments, stretches from Port Hercule to Larvotto Beach, creating a new waterfront eco-district in the iconic principality of Monaco.

The name ‘Mareterra’ is derived from the amalgamation of two complementary elements, the sea and the land, which are integral to the Mareterra Monaco project. This ambitious development plays a significant role in Monaco’s future, preserving the local environment by employing sustainable building techniques.

Eco-friendly Design and Construction

Mareterra takes an exceptionally impressive stance towards eco-friendly design and construction. Some of its sustainable features include:

  • Over 4,500 square meters of solar panels
  • Rainwater recovery systems that reclaim 50% of rainfall for lush recreational spaces
  • Heat pumps that supply cooling and heating requirements
  • 80% of heating in Mareterra is generated by renewable energy

By considering human elements, these features create a safe and healthy space for its residents.

The project’s dedication to sustainability is further underscored by aligning with Prince Albert II’s aspirations for sustainable building practices and the incorporation of cutting-edge green technology, contributing to the principality’s future growth.

The Vision of Renowned Architects

The visionary architects behind Mareterra Monaco include Valode & Pistre Architects and Renzo Piano Building Workshop, who have come together to create a harmonious blend of man-made spaces and natural settings. These highly regarded architectural practices are known for their contemporary yet understated design, crafting natural open spaces and luxurious living environments while preserving an enchanting allure and incorporating complementary elements of the surrounding environment.

Exclusive Living Spaces in Mareterra Monaco

Mareterra Monaco brings to the table a wide range of exclusive living spaces, including:

  • Le Renzo
  • Les Jardins D’eau
  • Les Villas
  • Les Townhouses

These residences are designed to cater to the discerning tastes of Monaco residents, providing a variety of sophisticated apartments, townhouses, penthouses, and a limited number of villas.

Each living space in Mareterra Monaco flaunts unique features and amenities, promising an unparalleled experience for its residents.

Le Renzo: Sea View Apartments and Penthouses

Le Renzo, positioned on Mareterra’s western edge, presents apartments and penthouses with sea views that boast maximized living spaces and are located near the upcoming commercial square.

Designed by award-winning architects, Le Renzo provides luxury amenities such as:

  • a spa
  • massage rooms
  • fitness rooms
  • swimming pools
  • hair salons

Numerous Le Renzo apartments offer stunning vistas of the Mediterranean Sea, allowing residents to fully immerse themselves in the Mareterra lifestyle.

Les Jardins D’eau: Spacious Apartments with Premium Amenities

Les Jardins D’eau features roomy 2-bedroom apartments equipped with high-end amenities, designed for those who value both comfort and luxury. In addition to stunning views of the garden, inner courtyard, and the sea, these apartments provide access to facilities such as:

  • Swimming pools
  • Fitness center
  • Wine cellars
  • Hair salons
  • Massage rooms

Les Jardins D’eau genuinely addresses the needs of its residents, guaranteeing a lavish and cozy living experience.

Les Villas: Architectural Masterpieces by the Sea

Les Villas comprise a series of architectural gems, each with a unique design and indoor-outdoor living spaces that provide stunning sea views. These elegant villas transpose features from local Monagasque architecture while offering a sophisticated aesthetic that embraces the natural surroundings.

The exquisite blend of indoor and outdoor areas, including the interior patio, in Les Villas allows residents to relish the natural surroundings and remarkable views while transitioning effortlessly between interior and exterior spaces.

Les Townhouses: Serene Living Amidst Lush Greenery

For those in pursuit of a peaceful dwelling, Les Townhouses serve as the perfect choice, surrounded by lush greenery and featuring interior patios for contemplation and repose. Designed by renowned architects Renzo Piano, Tadao Ando, and Valode & Pistre Architectes, these distinct residences offer a serene living experience like no other.

The beautiful surroundings and unique design of Les Townhouses make them the perfect choice for those who value serenity and a connection to nature.

Embracing Nature and Sustainability in Mareterra Monaco

Mareterra Monaco stands not just as an exclusive residential project, but also as a stellar example of welcoming nature and sustainability. By implementing green spaces, stringent environmental codes, and protection of marine life, Mareterra demonstrates its commitment to preserving the environment while providing a luxurious living experience for its residents.

This dedication to sustainable principles and green living distinguishes Mareterra from other luxury developments, making it a truly exceptional place to call home.

Green Spaces for Relaxation and Rejuvenation

Mareterra’s green open spaces provide residents with a tranquil environment for rest and rejuvenation, with diverse vegetation and wildlife. These tranquil areas showcase abundant native flora, including mature trees, flowering plants, and shrubs, offering a place to savor a peaceful moment away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life, as well as to take shelter from the Mediterranean sun.

Furthermore, these exquisitely landscaped areas will also encourage wildlife to thrive, featuring specially installed insect hotels and bird nests, aiding the eco-development to harmonize with nature as a natural extension.

Protecting the Environment and Marine Life

Mareterra’s dedication to environmental protection goes beyond its green design and construction practices. The development adheres to strict construction protocols and makes efforts to preserve marine life, such as the Posidonia Oceanica seagrass.

Mareterra ensures the safety of marine flora and fauna by maintaining an area of approximately 510 square meters for the protected seagrass species. This dedication to environmental protection further showcases Mareterra’s commitment to creating a harmonious and sustainable living environment.

The Marina at Mareterra: A Hub of Leisure and Culture

The Marina at Mareterra acts as a community centerpiece, featuring:

  • Around 15 berths
  • Businesses
  • Restaurants
  • Recreational activities

Designed as a vital center for Mareterra residents, the marina reflects the significance of ports in the principality and showcases the collaboration of internationally renowned designers, architects, engineers, and environmental experts.

With a variety of dining options, intriguing shops, and leisure activities such as boating, yachting, and water sports, the Marina at Mareterra offers a vibrant hub of leisure and culture for its residents.

Benefits of Monaco Residency and Mareterra Lifestyle

Residing in Mareterra Monaco entails more than just relishing the luxurious lifestyle on offer, it also involves enjoying the perks of Monaco residency. The principality is known for its favorable tax system, which does not impose personal income tax, capital gains taxes, or wealth tax. Monaco also ensures safety and security for its residents through a well-funded and well-trained police force, a consistent presence on the ground, and a close rapport with the population.

Moreover, the political stability, ideal location, and favourable climate make Monaco an attractive destination for discerning residents who value a luxurious and secure living environment.


Mareterra Monaco offers a truly unique living experience, combining luxurious residences, eco-friendly design, and a commitment to nature and sustainability. With exclusive living spaces such as Le Renzo, Les Jardins D’eau, Les Villas, and Les Townhouses, Mareterra caters to the diverse needs and preferences of its residents. The Marina at Mareterra serves as a hub of leisure and culture, while Monaco’s favorable tax system and political stability make it an attractive destination. Discover the Mareterra lifestyle and embrace the perfect blend of luxury, sustainability, and harmony with nature.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does a Monaco apartment cost?

On average, an apartment in Monaco costs around 10.2 million euros. This is based on the median sale price of 6.5 million euros, with over half of properties sold for more than this amount.

How much does it cost to rent in Monaco?

Renting an apartment in Monaco can start at 3,500 euros per month, plus additional utilities bills of 400-700 euros. Renting of apartments is only possible through an agency.

Who are the architects of Mareterra?

Valode & Pistre Architects and Renzo Piano Building Workshop are the renowned architects behind Mareterra, a Monaco extension founded in 1980.

What types of residences are available at Mareterra Monaco?

Mareterra Monaco provides a range of luxurious housing options, including Le Renzo, Les Jardins D’eau, Les Villas, and Les Townhouses.

What eco-friendly features are incorporated into Mareterra’s design and construction?

Mareterra has integrated solar panels, rainwater recovery systems and heat pumps into its design and construction, with the majority of its heating generated by renewable energy sources.