Le Cimabue is a prestigious residential building in the tranquil Fontvieille district. This elegant six-floor structure is known for its harmonious blend of comfort and luxury, offering a serene living experience in one of Monaco’s most desirable areas.

The building features a dedicated concierge service, ensuring residents enjoy a lifestyle of ease and refinement.

Le Cimabue and its comprehensive range of amenities include a private pool and a spa. The pool area serves as a peaceful retreat for relaxation and leisure, while the spa offers residents a sanctuary for wellness and rejuvenation. These facilities contribute significantly to the overall appeal of the residence, providing a perfect balance of luxury and tranquility.

Another significant aspect of Le Cimabue is its panoramic views. The building’s location in Fontvieille, known for its scenic beauty, allows residents to enjoy views of the port de Fontvielle and it’scharming surroundings. The views from Le Cimabue are especially striking, given its advantageous position near the waterfront.

Fontvieille is appreciated for its combination of quiet residential charm and convenient access to a variety of amenities. The area is home to beautiful parks, sports facilities, and the picturesque Fontvieille harbour, and the Monaco heliport offering residents a delightful mix of nature and urban living.

Address:  16 Quai Jean-Charles Rey, 98000 Monaco

Floors: 6

District: Fontvielle

Amenities: Concierge, Pool, Spa, Panoramic Views