colourful buildings in Condamine, Monaco

Monaco, a small yet luxurious Mediterranean paradise, offers a unique and affluent lifestyle that attracts international buyers. La Condamine, its vibrant district at the foot of the ancestral rock, is particularly appealing due to its commercial hub, harbor, and market. With the prestigious F1 Grand Prix of Monaco and the Monaco Yacht Show taking place nearby, this area is truly a real estate Condamine gem. Delve into this article to discover the ins and outs of La Condamine’s property market, the types of properties available, and the lifestyle this district offers.

Key Takeaways

  • La Condamine district is renowned for its bustling commercial hub, lively market and attractions making it a desirable destination for real estate investment.
  • Property prices in La Condamine have experienced sharp growth due to factors such as location, access to amenities, variety of property types & economic conditions.
  • Renting or buying in La Condamine should be based on individual preferences and budget taking into account benefits such as capital appreciation & rental income vs flexibility & lower initial costs.

The Appeal of La Condamine District

The Condamine district, located at the edge of famous Port Hercule, provides a unique mix of old and new. It is renowned for its vibrant business center as well as lively market where both local and international buyers come to shop. At the heart of La Condamine lies The Market, much liked by inhabitants. To visitors alike with an array of food shops on offer. Besides this, it serves also host events like Monaco Yacht Show or Formula One Grand Prix which helps contribute significantly towards its attraction for potential investors hoping to get involved in real estate here around the Port Hercule area. We can easily understand why people choose the district of Condamine over other districts within Monaco.

Property Market Overview

The property market in La Condamine is increasingly on the rise, with Monaco gradually recovering from its Covid-19 fallout. This district has been subject to particularly high price growth when compared to others locally, making it an appealing investment option for many buyers.

This subsection will explore the recent pricing trends of this rapidly growing real estate sector as well as examine key factors influencing demand and predict what’s in store for this profitable market going forward.

Recent Price Trends

La Condamine’s real estate market has seen a considerable boost in the past year with property values soaring by 34%, reaching an average price of €51,500 per square meter. This makes La Condamine one of Monaco’s most desirable districts and leads it to record the highest rate of growth across the country at 71.4%. Other areas such as Monte Carlo and Larvotto still maintain higher prices on average when it comes to properties per square meter.

Factors Affecting Demand

The real estate market in La Condamine is highly sought-after due to its prime location, easy access to amenities and a wide selection of properties. The small size of Monaco creates strong demand for luxury residences, which increases the desire to invest in property within this area.

What type of dwelling – such as duplexes or penthouses – can significantly influence potential buyers’ interests regarding buying into the sector here. Economic conditions like supply/demand levels and rates may also have an impact on how much people desire housing opportunities around La Condamine.

Future Outlook

The La Condamine property market in the Principality of Monaco is set for a prosperous future, with steady expansion expected. Year on year there has been an increase of 71% and positive forecasts are forthcoming.

Various projects taking place around the area will undoubtedly have an impact upon this prosperity – from Mareterra to L’Exotique Villa Palazzino. Bay House Monaco also supports progress alongside stage two development plans which aim to preserve traditional Monégasque allure while progressing infrastructure needs as well. Consequently, real estate markets such as those found in La Condamine are at unprecedented heights due to their Covid-19 recovery efforts thus far.

Types of Properties in La Condamine

La Condamine is a desirable district that offers something for everyone looking to purchase property. Whether you’re after an apartment, villa or luxury residence. This area provides many different types of properties in diverse styles and sizes. From studio apartments up to opulent villas, La Condamine has it all!

For those considering purchasing real estate here, the following sections discuss each type of accommodation available in more detail so as to help make your decision easier.


In La Condamine, Monaco, apartments are the main property type on offer. They come in a range of sizes from studio flats to 4-bedroom dwellings and may feature details such as old villa buildings with high ceilings and sliding glass doors that open out onto either amazing views of the sea or lush mountains. The price for renting one bedroom apartments here averages between €5,000 and €10,000 per month while other amenities like intercom systems make life simpler for residents too.


Properties in La Condamine are hard to come by, but offer an upgraded lifestyle with more privacy and room for those looking for a luxurious experience. These villas boast exclusive features such as expansive living spaces, tranquil gardens or balconies along with services like on-site concierge service. Not only that, they also have stunning views of the Monaco surroundings from their prominent locations.

Luxury Residences

Properties located in La Condamine offer an array of top-tier amenities and services that cater to high end buyers. These residences, whether situated in luxurious villas or bourgeois buildings, are often remodelled with great attention to detail for extraordinary views over the city skyline as well as its iconic rock.

To add convenience for those residing there, some luxury dwellings also boast concierge service coupled with nearby designer boutiques at the main port just minutes away from these properties.

Notable Real Estate Developments

La Condamine has a number of noteworthy real estate projects, each with their own attractive and advantageous elements that buyers can appreciate. Projects such as Le Stella, Montana, Soleil d’Or or Villa Floriane – not to forget the luxurious Grimaldi-owned Villa Belleview – are just some examples of what this area has on offer.

Le Stella

In La Condamine lies Le Stella, a building renowned for its striking architecture and prized position. Designed by Jean-Pierre Lott and Alexandre Giraldi in 2018, it boasts an impressive total area consisting of 99 apartments, two villas with luxury amenities, as well as commercial space and parking on the upper floors. Its sleek curved design combined with white stones cladding the walls accompanied by large glazed windows makes this development stand out amongst other structures nearby.


La Condamine’s Montana is a much sought-after real estate area, with many different properties available for both renting and purchasing. This highly desirable location offers the benefits of amenities such as an Olympic swimming pool in Rainier II Nautical Stadium close to Princess Antoinette Park. Whether you are looking for rental or investment property opportunities, La Condamine’s Montaa has something suited to your needs

Soleil d’Or

Soleil d’Or is a highly sought-after property boasting numerous features, including breathtaking views of the sea and proximity to Port Hercule. The majority of apartments also enjoy an abundance of natural light, making for bright living spaces that are sure to please all its residents. This building offers both concierge services as well as parking spaces available for sale – furthering its desirable!

Villa Floriane

Situated in the heart of La Condamine, Villa Floriane is a refined real estate complex providing its residents with quality housing options. With several 3-room apartments available featuring contemporary decor and balconies accompanied by cellars and parking spaces included, this development provides great value to potential buyers. All essential amenities like stores, restaurants and more are located conveniently nearby for maximum convenience.

Villa Belleview (Grimaldi)

Situated on rue Grimaldi, Villa Belleview is a notable property investment for potential buyers. Acknowledged as an eminent fixture of Monaco’s skyline with more than 150 years worth of history behind it, the villa remains an attractive opportunity to invest in real estate.

Amenities and Lifestyle in La Condamine

In La Condamine, residents have access to a selection of amenities and activities that make living here an enjoyable experience. From shopping outlets, eateries and recreational opportunities nearby to famous landmarks within reach, this diverse district has something for everyone’s taste.

Shopping and Dining

Located in the Condamine district, this neighbourhood is home to a variety of shops and restaurants that offer something for everyone. From Marché de la Condamine, which carries regional produce, to designer brands at Le Metropole Shopping Center, there are plenty of options when it comes to shopping here. Historic Place d’Armes adds character to La Condamine’s bustling atmosphere. For those who are looking for an enjoyable meal out on any budget or taste preferences, they can pick from numerous eateries serving Mediterranean fare as well as Monegasque cuisine and Italian-European delicacies within the district area itself.

Recreational Activities

For those who live in La Condamine, or visit the nearby Monaco area, a wide variety of recreational activities are available. Water sports enthusiasts can take advantage of rafting, kayaking and canoeing opportunities near Port Hercules and Yacht Club de Monaco where there is ample space for yachting experiences as well. Princess Antoinette Park Jardin Exotique de Monaco and Zoological Gardens provide enjoyable land-based recreation alternatives to enjoy outdoors while exploring this gorgeous part of Europe.

Proximity to Attractions

Monaco’s well-positioned district of La Condamine provides convenient access to some renowned attractions such as the Casino de Monte-Carlo, Prince’s Palace and Opéra Garnier Monte Carlo. Visitors can explore nearby Monaco Port, Oceanographic Museum and Zoological Gardens along with Le Nouveau Musee National, Prehistoric Anthropology Museum Jardin Exotique de Monaco Stade Louis II and Port de Fontvieille.

Buying Process and Tips for Investing in La Condamine Real Estate

For those seeking to acquire La Condamine real estate, the key is having a firm grasp of the process from start to finish. This includes legal requirements, financing opportunities and locating a reliable agent who can be trusted.

The following two paragraphs will go into detail on these components in more depth so that one’s investment yields optimal results.

Legal Requirements

When acquiring real estate in La Condamine, Monaco, it is essential to understand the applicable legal prerequisites. Non-EU nationals must own a valid residency permit for this purpose. Property registration taxes, title and notary fees come up to 6% of the property value. Buyers are held responsible for all notarial, transfer, and registry costs ranging from 6 – 9%, on top of which there can be an agency fee (3%) plus Value Added Taxation (VAT).

Financing Options

Those looking to purchase real estate in La Condamine have the option of taking out a loan with local banks or international lenders. The rates associated with mortgages for properties in this area vary from 1.2% up to 3.44%, which makes it possible for buyers to select an appropriate solution according to their needs.

Certain global financial institutions such as Large Mortgage Loans and Enness Global are offering loans specifically tailored to those wanting property investment opportunities within the Condamine region.

Working with Real Estate Agents

When looking to purchase real estate in La Condamine, engaging a reliable agent is recommended. They bring knowledge and experience with the local market as well as provide assistance during negotiations for securing favorable prices and conditions. They can offer valuable insights on profitable investments opportunities or property management services within Monaco’s borders. They are very helpful when it comes to taking care of all legal proceedings connected with such purchases in the area around La Condamine.

Renting vs. Buying in La Condamine

Benefits of RentingBenefits of Buying
Living in La Condamine has the advantages of greater flexibility, reduced initial costs and getting to sample several neighbourhoods before settling on one.

Luxurious rental properties boasting plenty of amenities can be obtained for a reasonable fee that doesn’t include making an expensive investment such as buying.

The monthly rate for leasing 1 bedroom apartments here ranges between €5,000 – €10,000 per month.
The market for property in La Condamine has been historically strong and the limited supply of properties adds to their value appreciation.

The tax regime that applies to Monaco residents is a great perk, as there are no income taxes, capital gains taxes or inheritance taxes applied here.

For those who invest in real estate within this region, they may benefit from its potential for yielding rental income alongside increasing values of these coveted pieces of land.

Factors to Consider

When choosing between renting or purchasing property in La Condamine, several elements must be taken into consideration: budget, lifestyle needs and future plans. Those seeking more mobility with a low initial investment may opt for renting whereas buyers could benefit from a long-term asset growth through real estate ownership.

Ultimately, the decision should be based on personal factors as well as objectives of each individual within this area located in Condamine.


La Condamine provides an array of real estate options, from apartments to luxurious residences and villas, with something for everyone. It is a much sought-after destination due to its commercial hub full of market offerings as well as its harbour charm which appeals both locally and internationally. The financial advantages in Monaco makes La Condamine very attractive when it comes to investing in property. Whether you’re considering buying or renting, La Condamine offers an enriched lifestyle that encapsulates the essence of Monaco’s charm. From its vibrant commercial hub to the picturesque harbor views, it promises an unparalleled living experience.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can foreigners buy real estate in Monaco?

In Monaco, purchasing, renting and selling real estate is open to foreign citizens, excluding those close to the Palace. Recent statistics illustrate an upward trend in house prices with a quarter-on-quarter growth rate averaging at 1.6%. This development shows no signs of abating as we move through each successive quarter.

What is the average price of real estate in Monaco?

In Monaco, the average real estate price is currently 10.2 million euros and 51,912€ per square metre – which has seen a significant 74% hike in value over the last decade alone with an additional 9% rise this year.

Is buying property in Monaco a good investment?

Monaco is a great option to invest in property due to its friendly tax structure – zero income taxes for locals, and only local revenue taxes applied to non-residents. There are no wealth or capital gains levies either, providing buyers with the opportunity of focussing solely on acquiring real estate while not having any worries when deciding to sell it down the line.

The rental sector here also offers lucrative returns given that this market remains highly sought after by tenants.

Can you just buy a house in Monaco?

Monaco is a place where people can purchase property, yet non-residents must secure a certificate of residence and pay more taxes than local residents. Background investigations along with certain financial capabilities are also demanded from foreign buyers when they want to buy in Monaco.

What types of properties are available for purchase in La Condamine?

At La Condamine, we have a range of property options for our buyers to choose from – whether it be apartments, villas or luxury residences. No matter your preferences and requirements, you’re sure to find something perfect here at the Condamine.