Welcome to the ultimate luxury destination, Carré d’Or in Monaco. With its prestigious Carré d’Or apartment residences, world-class amenities, and rich history, Carré d’Or is the epitome of opulence. In this blog post, you will discover the allure of this exclusive district and learn about its most luxurious offerings.

Key Takeaways

  • Carré d’Or is Monaco’s prestigious district, renowned for its luxurious lifestyle and properties.
  • It features a selection of luxury apartments with exclusive amenities such as private pools and 24-hour concierge service.
  • Shopping, dining, cultural events plus access to world class facilities make Carré d’Or the ultimate destination for modern living.

The Allure of Carré d’Or: Monaco’s Prestigious District

Nestled near the Casino de Monte Carlo, Carré d’Or is renowned for its luxurious lifestyle, prestigious residences, and world-class amenities. Whether you’re looking for a large living room, a modern shower room, or an exceptional penthouse with a sea view, luxury amenities await those who choose to live in this exclusive area. Properties in Carré d’Or range from €220,000 for a one-bedroom apartment to €595,000 for a two-bedroom apartment in the prestigious Le Park Palace.

The Carré d’Or district’s charm lies in its location, in the immediate vicinity of the Mediterranean Sea and the iconic Casino de Monte Carlo. This prestigious area is home to luxury residences such as Le Park Palace, Le Monte Carlo Star, and One Monte Carlo, offering an unparalleled lifestyle for those seeking the ultimate in opulence.

Beyond its luxurious properties, Carré d’Or offers superior shopping, dining, and entertainment experiences. From prestigious brands like Louis Vuitton and Christian Dior to exquisite dining at restaurants on the Promenade des Anglais, Carré d’Or provides a world-class experience for those with discerning tastes

A Glimpse into Carré d’Or’s History

The history of Carré d’Or is rooted in the development of Monte Carlo, with the founding of the Société des Bains de Mer and the iconic Monte-Carlo Casino contributing to its esteemed status. Established by Mr. François Blanc in 1863, the Société des Bains de Mer introduced the renowned Casino Square, the Café de Paris, and the Hotel de Paris, attracting a wealthy clientele to the area.

Notable properties in Carré d’Or include the Villa l’Echauguette, which boasts generous living areas and exquisite façades emblematic of the prestige and elegance of the Belle Epoque / Bourgeois style properties. Another remarkable cultural legacy of Mr. François Blanc is the Opera Garnier, which continues to provide an exceptional program to its visitors, with video sharing services available for those who wish to enjoy the performances from the comfort of their homes.

This rich history combined with the district’s luxurious offerings has made Carré d’Or a highly sought-after location for high-end property buyers.

Luxury Apartments in Carré d’Or: Features and Amenities

Carré d’Or boasts a range of luxury apartments with top-notch features and amenities. The following covers three iconic residences in the district: The Park Palace, Le Monte Carlo Star, and One Monte Carlo. Each of these residences offers a unique living experience, with modern architecture and luxury amenities that cater to the most discerning tastes.

The Park Palace: An Iconic Luxury Residence

The Park Palace, a 14-story luxury building located just minutes away from the Place du Casino, offers an exclusive living experience. With modern architecture and high-quality materials, this luxury residence features a private pool and is located in proximity to a shopping center, providing residents with unparalleled convenience and comfort.

Beyond its impressive architecture, residents of The Park Palace have the pleasure of enjoying panoramic sea views from their homes, as well as easy access to the Opera Garnier and the Café de Paris. The Park Palace provides a prestigious address for those seeking the ultimate in luxury living.

The Park Palace showcases meticulous renovations and detail, evident in every aspect, from the large format NVY ceramic sheets to the refined materials used in the construction. This iconic luxury residence truly embodies the essence of Carré d’Or’s prestigious reputation.

Le Monte Carlo Star: A Prestigious Address

Le Monte Carlo Star, a seven-story residence advantageously positioned between the Casino terraces and the Monegasque coastline, offers a prestigious address in Carré d’Or. With its private pool and 24-hour concierge service, this luxury residence provides an exceptional living experience for its residents.

Le Monte Carlo Star offers a range of apartment options, including studio apartments, 1-bedroom apartments, and large family apartments, catering to various needs and preferences. The residence’s privileged location near the Yacht Club de Monaco and the stunning maritime panoramas further enhance its appeal.

Le Monte Carlo Star, with its luxurious facilities, prime location, and variety of apartment options, is a distinguished address for those who crave the best of Golden Square living.

One Monte Carlo: Modern Living at Its Finest

One Monte Carlo, positioned along the Princess Charlene Promenade, offers 37 luxury apartments and 24 boutiques, providing a modern living experience at its finest. Designed by renowned British architect Sir Richard Rogers, One Monte Carlo’s contemporary architecture is a harmonious blend of modern elements and the Belle Epoque style of the Place du Casino.

The residence provides apartments ranging from two rooms to a six-room triplex, complete with a private pool and rooftop, catering to a variety of needs and preferences.

One Monte Carlo offers:

  • Luxury finishes
  • Panoramic views of the Casino Square and sea
  • High-end shopping options
  • Fine dining
  • Access to exclusive boutiques

Ensuring an unparalleled living experience.

One Monte Carlo, with its contemporary architecture, excellent location, and luxurious amenities, symbolizes the apex of modern living in Carré d’Or.

Exclusive Services and Facilities in Carré d’Or

Carré d’Or offers a variety of exclusive services and facilities, ensuring a comfortable and luxurious lifestyle for its inhabitants. These include:

  • Personalized welcome services
  • Valet parking
  • Reception services
  • Mail reception and delivery
  • Meeting rooms
  • Access to a gym and swimming pool

Residents in Carré d’Or can enjoy unparalleled comfort and convenience.

Concierge services offered in Carré d’Or’s luxury apartments include:

  • Chauffeured limousine service
  • Car valet services
  • Housekeeping
  • Catering service
  • Indoor swimming pool
  • Fitness room
  • 24-hour security service
  • Access to a private gym

These exclusive amenities cater to the needs of discerning residents, making life in Carré d’Or a truly luxurious experience.

Beyond the exceptional services offered within the residences, Carré d’Or also grants access to a variety of cultural events, audience measurement services, and video sharing services for residents to enjoy. With these exclusive services and facilities, living in Carré d’Or is an experience of unparalleled luxury and comfort.

Shopping and Dining in Carré d’Or: A World-Class Experience

  • Cartier
  • Louis Vuitton
  • Chanel
  • Yves Saint-Laurent

These boutiques provide residents with unparalleled access to the finest fashion and accessories.

The district is also home to some of the finest dining establishments, such as the Empire Room of the renowned Alain Ducasse and the restaurant Le Grill, situated in the Hotel de Paris. These exquisite dining options, along with the luxurious hotels in the area, contribute to the world-class experience that Carré d’Or has to offer.

With its upscale shopping, gourmet dining, and opulent hotels, Carré d’Or offers an unmatched experience for those seeking the best in luxury living.

Finding Your Dream Apartment in Carré d’Or: Tips for Buyers

Apartment for sale in Carré d’Or with view of Place du Casino](https://app.surferseo.com/images/a371ae701efee6f9fddf.png)While seeking your dream apartment in Carré d’Or, it is important to study the market and comprehend factors influencing property prices in the area. These factors include:

  • Location
  • Demand and supply dynamics
  • Economic conditions
  • Amenities and infrastructure
  • Market trends

This knowledge will help you make informed decisions when selecting the perfect property.

Collaborating with a reputable real estate agency is key in locating the ideal property in Carré d’Or. Notable agencies with expertise in Carré d’Or properties include:

  • Properstar Properties Group
  • Michaël Zingraf Real Estate
  • Savills Monaco
  • Harroch Real Estate
  • Petrini Exclusive Real Estate Monaco
  • John Taylor Monaco

These agencies, offering third party services, can provide invaluable assistance in navigating the property market and securing your dream apartment.

For more confidential opportunities, take into account off-market properties, which are not listed on the real estate agency’s site due to the owners’ desire for discretion. By exploring these hidden gems, you may discover unique properties that cater to your specific needs and preferences.

The Process of Renting an Apartment in Carré d’Or

The process of renting an apartment in Carré d’Or begins with reaching out to a trusted real estate agency, such as La Costa Properties Monaco, Ageprim, or Savills Monaco, and viewing available properties. A clear understanding of the rental process and Monaco’s requirements is necessary for a seamless experience, as legal requirements include a minimum lease duration of three years for Monegasque tenants and one year for non-Monegasque tenants.

When searching for the perfect apartment in Carré d’Or, consider factors such as the number of rooms, bathroom facilities, and additional amenities like a swimming pool or terrace. With the assistance of a reliable real estate agency, you can find the ideal apartment that meets your needs and preferences.

Following these tips and gaining a grasp of Monaco’s rental process can successfully lead you to secure your dream apartment in the prestigious Carré d’Or district.


In conclusion, the Carré d’Or district in Monaco offers an unparalleled luxurious lifestyle, with prestigious residences, world-class amenities, and rich history. From iconic residences like The Park Palace, Le Monte Carlo Star, and One Monte Carlo to exclusive shopping and dining experiences, Carré d’Or provides the ultimate luxury living experience. Whether you’re looking to buy or rent an apartment in this prestigious district, understanding the market, working with a reputable real estate agency, and considering off-market properties will help you find your dream home in Carré d’Or.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is difference between Monte-Carlo and Monaco?

Monaco is the second-smallest country in the world, renowned for its opulence and playground of the rich and famous. Monte Carlo is one of Monaco’s four quarters and is located on a hill overlooking the main harbor, housing the iconic casino and luxury hotels.

What is the Carré d’Or district known for?

Carré d’Or district is renowned for its luxurious lifestyle, prestigious residences, and world-class amenities, offering an unparalleled quality of life.

What is the history of the Carré d’Or district?

The Carré d’Or district dates back to the founding of the Société des Bains de Mer and the iconic Monte-Carlo Casino which marked the development of Monte Carlo.