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November 2023

luxurious penthouse with floor to ceiling windows
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An Elevated View: The Monaco Apartment Penthouse

Imagine waking up to the sound of waves crashing against the shore, as the sun rises over the azure waters of the Mediterranean Sea. You step out onto your private terrace, taking in the panoramic views of Monaco’s stunning skyline,…

ai generation interpretation of a modern apartment with white, beige and gold accents
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One Monte Carlo Apartment Monaco

Architectural Elegance and Prime Location One Monte Carlo is a striking architectural structure by Sir Richard Rogers, in the heart of Monaco. Inaugurated in 2019 in the esteemed Carré d’Or district, the residence stands tall with 12 floors of luxurious…

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Metropole Apartment Monaco

The Metropole apartment in Monaco is a building steeped in history and grandeur. Constructed in 1927, this ten-story edifice is located in the prestigious Carré d’Or district, known for its luxury and exclusivity. The Metropole stands as a testament to…

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Le Cimabue Apartment Monaco

Le Cimabue is a prestigious residential building in the tranquil Fontvieille district. This elegant six-floor structure is known for its harmonious blend of comfort and luxury, offering a serene living experience in one of Monaco’s most desirable areas. The building…

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Château Perigord II Apartment Monaco

Château Perigord II is the second chapter of the prestigious Château Perigord I. With its impressive height of 34 floors, this building, constructed in 1973, marries the elegance of classic architecture with the comforts of modern living, standing out in…

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Château Perigord I Apartment Monaco

The Chateau Perigord I apartment is an iconic residential building in the La Rousse, Saint Roman district of Monaco. Standing impressively with 34 floors, this building, constructed in 1973, combines the charm of classic architecture with modern amenities, making it…

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Château Amiral Apartment Monaco

Château Amiral, located at 42, Boulevard d’Italie in the 98000 Monaco area, is a distinguished residential building in the La Rousse, Saint Roman district. Constructed in 1979, this 18-floor structure stands as a prominent feature of the Monaco skyline. The…

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Casabianca Apartment Monaco

The Casabianca apartment in Monaco is an elegant residential building in the renowned Larvotto district. This 13-story structure harmoniously blends with the sophisticated and scenic surroundings of Monaco’s coastline. Cabianca’s appeal lies in its concierge service. It is an essential…

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Caravelles Apartment Monaco

The Caravelles apartment in Monaco is a distinguished residential building, standing tall with 15 floors in the vibrant district of Port Hercules. This prestigious location and its impressive height make it a notable addition to the Monaco skyline. The Caravelles…